Centre for Theoretical Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, along with IUCAA, Pune and IOP, Bhubaneswar, wishes to organize an international conference entitled, Matters of gravity and the Universe, during October 27-29, 2014. The main purpose of the meeting is to bring together a compact group of active researchers for an engaging discourse on recent trends and new horizons in the field of gravitation and cosmology.

Photo It would also be an occasion to felicitate Naresh Dadhich, who is turning 70, in recognition of his contributions to gravitational research as well as in building up of IUCAA, a world class astrophysics institute in the university sector.

Organising Committee

  • Rathin Adhikari
  • Sushant G. Ghosh
  • Sanjay Jhingan
  • Tabish Qureshi
  • M. Sami
  • Anjan A. Sen
  • Vikram Soni

Spacetime tells matter how to move, matter tells spacetime how to curve.
John Archibald Wheeler

Organised by:

CTP, JMI                 IUCAA, Pune                 IOP, Bhubaneswar

Image Photo Image
  • Sushant G. Ghosh
  • M. Sami