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Naresh Dadhich


M.A. Ansari Chair in Theoretical Physics (2012-2016)

Ph.D.: University of Pune.

Email: nkd
Tel. : +91-11-26984830 extn 26

Research interests:

  • Classical and Quantum aspects of General Relativity
  • Physics of Extra Dimensions, Braneworld Cosmologies
  • Wormholes
  • Gravitational Collapse


Books Edited

  1. A Random Walk in Relativity and Cosmology, N.Dadhich, J.K.Rao, J.V.Narlikar and C.V.Vishveshwara (eds.), Professor P.C.Vaidya and Professor A.K.Raychaudhuri Festschrift, Wiley Eastern, 1985.
  2. V. K. Kapahi, N. Dadhich, G. Swarup and J. V. Narlikar (eds) ,Proceedings of the 6th Asian-Pacific Meeting on Astronomy of the IAU (Indian Academy of Sciences, 1995).
  3. N. Dadhich, and J. Narlikar (eds) Gravitation and Relativity: At the turn of the Millennium, GR-15 Proceedings, IUCAA, 1998.
  4. N. K. Dadhich, and A. K. Kembhavi(eds) The Universe: Visions and Perspectives, Kluwer, 2000.
  5. S. Bharadwaj, N. Dadhich, and S.Kar, (eds) Proceedings of the fourth ICGC-2000 Conference, Pramana, 55, No.4.
  6. D. V. Ahluwalia, N. Dadhich, Proceedings of the first IUCAA meeting on the Interface of Gravitational and Quantum Realms, IUCAA, Modern Physics Letters A 17, 899, 2002.