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Dr. Ronidkumar Chingangbam

Completed Ph.D. (January 2012)

(Left for post-doc at Institute for Fundamental Study, Thailand.)

Email: ronid

Research interests:

  • String inspired cosmology, Dark energy, Inflation

Ph.D. supervisors: M. Sami, Tabish Qureshi


  1. Prospects of inflation with perturbed throat geometry
    Amna Ali, R. Chingangbam, Sudhakar Panda, M. Sami, Phys.Lett.B674:131-136,2009.
  2. A Note on dark energy induced by D-brane motion
    R. Chingangbam, A. Deshamukhya, Int.J.Mod.Phys.D17:2577-2583,2009.
  3. A Note on the viability of Gauss-Bonnet cosmology
    R. Chingangbam, M. Sami, P.V. Tretyakov, A.V. Toporensky, Phys.Lett.B661:162-166,2008.