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  • JSPS-DST Project (2007 - 2009)
    This is a project under Indo-Japanese Cooperative Science Programme. The duration of the project is two years. The key points of scientific results obtained during the first year are as follows:
    1. The D-brane inflation was investigated. In this paper, it was shown that the inflation is highly constrained by observational data and requires heavy fined tuning. Ideas relating to the final solution of the problem are given in this paper (Phys.Rev.D76: 103512, 2007).
    2. We investigated string curvature corrected gravity and applied it to dark energy problem. It was shown that hte model provides a viable solution. The stability of the solutions was also investigated. Future prospects in this direction were highlighted (Elizalde Eur.Phys.J.C53:447-457, 2008)
    3. In collaboration with T. Shiromizu from Tokyo Technical Institute, we have made a proposal to major correction to Newton's Law of Gravitation. The experimental setup is seriously considered as present in TIFR, Mumbai (Accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters).
  • UGC Project on Observational Cosmology (2008 - 2011)
    A UGC Major Research Project entitled "Accelerating Universe and its observational signatures" has been awared to Dr. Anjan Ananda Sen of our Centre. The duration of the project is three year from April 2008. Ms. N. Chandrachani Devi has joined in this project as a Project Fellow.
    The main objective of this project is two fold. Firstly it is aimed to study the inflationary in string theory, mainly in terms of Brane-Inflations and look for distinctive string signatures that can be detected in current and future observational cosmology. The impact of the structure of the higher dimensional bulk on the CMB predictions e.g. the spectral index as well as the Non-Gaussianities will be studied.
    Secondly lots of efforts will be focused in studying the nature of dark energy and its observational signatures. In this regar, particular emphasis will be given on the models of Modified Einstein's gravit on large distance scale. Also one ofthe main aims of this project will be to study the evolution of the overdensities in the accelerating universe through spherical collapse model.
  • DST - RFBR Project (2008 - 2010)
    This is an Indo-Russian Project. The title of the project is "Brane World Cosmology with Quintessence, Phantom Fields, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, effectively described by Non-Linear Sigma Models".
  • DST Project on Theoretical Cosmology
    This is a joint research proposal with Delhi University (Dr. Deepak Jain and Dr. Abha Dev).